impact | sixty one

"If you hadn’t been there to meet me I really think that I would have killed myself"

Prisoner HMP Eastwood Park.

Through our work we are:​

  • Working with 25 to 30 ex-prisoners and over 40 mentors each month

  • Mentees we work with have a reoffending rate of just 12%, a 75% reduction compared to the national average

  • Running three (soon to be four) community support Hubs

  • Helping a local businessman deliver a MBA Empowerment course in HMP Bristol

  • Enabling and supporting churches to be able to help people with criminal convictions

  • Supporting new rehabilitative projects being developed by churches and the local community

  • Running an annual Christmas gift project giving 1,600 prisoners a bag of Christmas presents

  • Delivering the Man Up course (exploring constructive masculinity) in HMP Bristol and in the community

  • Holding events linking the churches with our partner charities

  • Aiding partnership working between our partner charities and beyond

  • Openly sharing what with leaders in other parts of the country​​