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MentorMe is our biggest project. Through it we support and encourage people with criminal convictions who want to start a new life free from crime. We do this by training and supporting people from the churches to be able to mentor ex-prisoners. It’s a wonderful and practical opportunity for Christians to learn more about God’s heart, their faith and the nature of grace!

Would you be interested in putting your faith to work by volunteering to be a mentor someone with criminal convictions? MentorMe’s staff provide free, fun, engaging, high quality training and supervision to ensure that each of our mentors feels empowered, well supported and part of a team. Mentors need to be reliable, understanding, patient, and empathetic but do not need to be experts - life experience and a good sense of humour are more important!

If you are interested in thinking more about becoming a mentor, then please get in touch.



If you would like to refer someone to us for mentoring (within the Greater Bristol area) you can use our downloadable referral form. Please click here if they are currently in prison, or here if they are in the community.

"I liked the combination of theory, practice, real life stories and situations, the trainers’ enthusiasm, and how honest and open they both were about what mentoring entails"

Volunteer mentor’s comment on our training.


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