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Impact Statement 2022

Our objective is to help people who have been in prison by inspiring, enabling and supporting the local community to provide the relational and practical support needed to lead meaningful crime-free lives.



We had referrals from 9 prisons: HMPs Bristol, Eastwood Park (women), Portland, Leyhill, Bullingdon, Dartmoor, Exeter, Bure, Ashfield and Send (women).
The MBA Empowerment course is now available in the Education Department of 30 prisons.
We connected with nearly 1,600 serving prisoners over the year.
Our MentorMe team met with 79 serving prisoners holding 135 face-to-face meetings to identify suitable mentees to prepare them for their release.
We worked with 14 agencies and charities charities whilst seeking referrals.
Our volunteer mentors supported 83 different mentees, meeting them a combined total of 751 times and giving 878 hours of their time
Only two (2.4%) of the 83 mentees we worked with last year were recalled/reoffended, a 95.6% reduction compared to the national average - saving the taxpayer £2.8 million. 
At the end of 2022 we had 70 trained volunteer mentors available.
70% of our mentoring relationships lasted more than a year, 23% between 3 and 12 months and 7% are less than three months. This is a very high engagement level for ex-prisoners.
27 mentees are now supported through long-term befriending by their ex-mentor.
Just 10 mentors stopped mentoring in 2022 (50% because they moved out of the area).
We ran 3 four-part mentor training courses that were attended by 32 peoplee training.
17 churches have supported our work practically and 20 with funding.
Over 1,400 prisoners received a bag of Christmas presents through our Christmas gift project. This was funded by 13 churches.
We currently have 205 people who volunteer for Sixty-One.
Our Hubs are run by 4 local churches: Hope Community Church, God’s House International Centre and Fishponds Baptist.
4 Hubs provided over 151 mid-week meetings for 51 ex-prisoners.
2 ex-prisoners were involved with running a Hub.
We are developing a partnership to better engage with BAME communities.
We began a new partnership with Shannon Trust to support people with literacy skills

* This is based on a national first year reoffending rate of 55%, which reflects the cross section of mentees we work with; which includes repeat offenders, offenders on short sentences and offenders with addiction issues. It is based on a first year reconviction cost of £65,000, which includes prison, police, probation, court and benefit costs. The commonly quoted £35,000 cost of imprisoning a person just covers the prison costs.

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